Our meticulous team ensures your space is a haven of cleanliness. Choose quality, choose care – choose Monroe's leading cleaning service.

About Us

Welcome to Mops of Hope Cleaning, where cleanliness meets care. With 12 years of experience in the healthcare industry, our mission is to bring the same level of precision and dedication to your spaces. We believe in the transformative power of a clean environment, fostering not just tidiness but a sense of hope and well-being. Trust "Mops of Hope" for professional cleaning that goes beyond surfaces, creating spaces that inspire optimism and comfort.

Our Cleaning Services

Discover the essence of cleanliness with Mops of Hope Cleaning. Our services, designed for homes and businesses, deliver excellence without complexity. Immaculate results, personalized care—choose Mops of Hope for a cleaner, brighter space.


Elevate your workspace with Our Commercial Cleaning Service. Impeccable precision meets productivity, ensuring your business environment shines as brightly as your success.

Vacation Rental

Welcome your guests with a spotless retreat! Mops of Hope transforms vacation rentals into pristine havens, guaranteeing an unforgettable and inviting stay for every visitor.


Experience the epitome of home comfort with Mops of Hope's Residential Cleaning. Immaculate spaces, personalized service—your sanctuary, our dedication.

Experienced Our Services

Experience Mops of Hope Cleaning. Immaculate spaces, unmatched service—your satisfaction, our commitment.

Our Clients Testimonials

Our clients share their Mops of Hope experience.

Micha Durosier is a reliable choice for your home or business! Integrity is important to her, and she lives her life by godly standards. She's trustworthy, a good listener, and a great communicator. It has been a blessing getting to know her and her children, who reflect her goodness, discipline, and patience.


I recently had Mops of Hope Cleaning out to deep clean our home. They did a wonderful job. Micha was very friendly and wouldn't stop until everything was sparkling. I know that when you contact them you will be very happy with their results. I just booked her for a monthly cleaning. Thank you Mops of Hope Cleaning for your wonderful service.


Micha is a woman of high integrity, phenomenal work ethic and lots of experience. She is thorough, intuitive, kind and easy to communicate with - a real joy to work with.